Mothers Speak

I never thought I’d have a postpartum doula. I had hardly heard about it, but then came my baby more than two months ahead of time and with the stress of the corona period and almost three months of my baby being hospitalized due to being a preemie, all this took their toll on me and I found myself exhausted physically and mentally. I was supposed to be happy and serene having my baby finally at home, but I was a wreck. A good friend of mine told me about Talya. I didn’t want to even think about it at first, but then decided to give it a chance. Today, I thank God for this chance I gave myself. Allowing Talya in our home changed things for the better, I felt better and could be a better mom in a time so critical for my baby’s development. Now that I know that postpartum doula care is so important, I want to explain why.

I wasn’t sure about having someone I didn’t know at home, but very quickly we got used to Talya’s presence. She was very much present and yet so sensitive, peaceful and calming. Hence, I felt taken care of and not intruded upon. Every time Talya left, I was much more relaxed and serene than before. Talya’s ability to flow and be flexible was very important while being with a baby where things can change any minute. She always went with what was going on in such an easy manner that really impressed me. She really cared for us and we felt it. It gave me a lot of strength.

Personally, I’m a person that needs to talk and share and Talya’s presence was very meaningful for me in that aspect – I shared a lot of what was going on in my life and my baby’s development and I always found a very emphatic ear, and often got help from Talya’s suggestions. Sometimes our conversations were deep, sometimes more humorous or shallow, and sometimes we didn’t speak much. Talya was very much attuned to what I needed and that was very good and helpful.

Another aspect of why Talya’s services are so good and special – Talya really knows a lot about baby and mother care. I would ask her questions about my baby’s problems or development or about symptoms I was having almost every time and she always knew and gave me great advice and tips. She knows a lot about nutrition and healthcare. She helped me several times with different physical problems I had such as sciatic pain, indigestion, low breastmilk production, nutrition, exercise etc. It was very helpful for me and avoided my problems becoming more complex and problematic. On top of that, Talya is a reflexologist and massage therapist for both adults and babies. She helped me with my baby’s gastrointestinal problems and gave me weekly sessions of reflexology.

Because my baby was born a preemie, nursing didn’t get off to a good start. I almost gave up nursing- which for a preemie is extremely important. Talya’s help here was crucial: she kept on encouraging me, helped me organize the things I needed to support breastfeeding such as my nutrition, milk-inducing foods and herbs and gave me reflexology sessions for increasing breastmilk. Honestly, she helped me much more than the lactation consultant. Breastfeeding was extremely important for my baby who had a gastrointestinal problem due to his being a preemie. The gastroenterologist’s prescription for his condition was nursing and thank God for Talya’s help with that. Without her consistent encouragement, I would have stopped nursing my baby when he was around four months old, two months old in corrected age. Now he’s nine months old and still nursing! and eating solids and feeling very well, thank God.

Another important part of Talya’s help was her taking care of my baby, who grew to like her more and more. I could take a shower or eat a meal without rushing while Talya played with my baby who enjoyed himself and was calm.

I would have never thought that help with home chores would be so meaningful, but it was. Having my house in order with the laundry folded, the dishes washed, my snack box full, my milk-inducing tea bottles filled, and cooked food ready were all a great help that allowed me to relax and focus my energy on my baby and in my recuperation.

Now you can understand why Talya’s postpartum care was so essential for me and my baby and our relationship. Talya just finished working with us, and I already really miss her presence. I highly recommend her, and recommend saving money ahead of time for her services or offering them as a gift to a woman who just gave birth. It would be the best gift ever.

Thank you Talya 💗

~ Yael 

I was very happy with the immediate, at home, postpartum care services provided by Talya Freitag. I knew that the first week home, baby and I would need a lot of care and some much-needed TLC. We are thankful to have had Talya to evaluate, guide, and assist, hands-on with the postpartum recovery care process. She is creative, wise and very resourceful. I would recommend other postpartum families to utilize her services as well!

~ S.P.

Talya helped us to settle in after the birth of our first child. She accompanied us during the first weeks at home in her very gentle way and gave incredibly helpful advice without ever dominating our learning process. She was amazing with our daughter and always affirmed and encouraged us as parents. I highly recommend her and hope other parents can enjoy the first weeks with their newborn the same way we did.

~ Heike