Postpartum Doula Care

What is Postpartum Care? 

In cultures throughout the world, an extended resting period has always been observed by new mothers. This resting period is essential to a mother’s healing and recovery after birth. During the approximately 3 months after birth, a mother and her family would receive in-home care which includes practical, physical, emotional, and informational support. Coming home with a newborn is quite challenging and can be overwhelming and exhausting whether it’s your first baby or your tenth.

As a Postpartum Care Specialist, I am trained to support mothers and families in the weeks and months after birth. I help you get the best rest, nutrition, healing care and practical support during this special time so you can experience peace, confidence and joy as a mother.

talya helping with food prep

Some of the Ways We Work Together:

I work with you one-on-one in your home during the early weeks and months after your baby is born. My goal is to provide the best postpartum care for mothers of newborns, including help with after birth healing and support with caring for your newborn.

Visits are tailored to your unique needs that day and may include:

Help with postpartum recovery

new mom kidding newborn
Support for postpartum healing and rest

Individualized care to allow your body to physically repair and heal the tissues following birth. Being able to adequately rest is essential to physical repair and the after birth healing process.

Postpartum diet plan and food recommendations to assist with healing

Which foods are best for after birth? Warm, easy to digest and nutrient-dense foods provide the basis for essential postpartum nourishment. I will design a diet for you that aids digestion, builds blood, assists lactation, and supports a new mother’s vital life energy and hormonal needs after birth.

Care and support for mothers after cesarean birth

Receive invaluable suggestions for how to position the baby to minimize pain during breastfeeding after a cesarean birth. You’ll also learn basic scar tissue remediation techniques to minimize the growth of internal scar tissue and prevent pelvic health problems.

Postpartum belly wrapping supplies and instructions for comfort and healing

Postpartum belly wrapping provides support for the womb and internal organs and facilitates the healing process of the uterus after birth. It also improves digestion and elimination, helps improve posture and reduces common back and shoulder pain associated with breastfeeding. Belly wrapping also calms the nervous system; it feels comforting and nourishing like a warm hug. 🙂

Postpartum massage therapy to address common discomforts after birth and while breastfeeding

Postpartum massage therapy provides relief from pain and muscle tension, improves sleep quality, helps to regulate the nervous system, improves mood and mental alertness, and helps to overcome fatigue.

Bodywork for birth healing

Get relief from back and pelvic pain due to restrictions in the tissues of the thoracic and and pelvic areas. My birth healing bodywork sessions bring alignment to the bones and tissues so proper healing can take place.

Self-care practices to support postpartum healing

Learn self-care massage, ideas for connecting with nature, song and meditative practices, restful and day-to-day rhythms that support the health of the mother-baby bond.

new mom kidding newborn
Help with postpartum period, from Peaceful Postpartum

Help with the new baby

Help with postpartum period, from Peaceful Postpartum
Household help including meal preparation and coordination

Light housekeeping such as laundry, washing dishes, fresh linens. Recipe ideas, freshly made meals in your home, coordination of meals from family and friends.

Hold and care for your baby while you take a shower, eat a meal etc.

Give yourself a needed break to care for yourself – eat a meal, take a shower, enjoy a cuppa and take some leisure time to do something you enjoy. A calm mother equals a calm baby!

Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding support

Breastfeeding doesn’t always come easy. I will help with positioning and latch at the breast, providing skin-to-skin contact and the breast crawl. I’ll also explain how to know if your baby is getting enough milk, and provide support for pumping and bottle and/or formula feeding where necessary. Together, we’ll troubleshoot common breastfeeding problems such as sore nipples, engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis. Let’s make feeding an enjoyable bonding experience for mother and baby.

Teach you newborn cues and newborn skills to understand your baby better

Learn about your baby’s alert and sleep states and how to understand your baby’s cues in communicating their needs. I’ll also demonstrate basic baby care such as how to bathe your baby, how to cut your baby’s nails, and about your baby’s temperature needs, etc.

Strategies and techniques for coping with lack of sleep

Desperate for your baby to sleep through the night? Both you and your baby will sleep better when you understand your baby’s physiological sleep needs and their sleep and wake cycles during the night. I’ll provide safety tips and positions for co-sleeping or bedsharing. I will also share plenty of ideas for support to help replenish a new mother’s lack of sleep including nutritional sleep supplements to help with sleep quality.

Strategies and techniques for coping with babies who cry a lot

Learn all about needs crying vs. release crying for babies, in-arms crying and comforting and aware parenting principles. I will also provide you resources to help with healing and releasing emotional, stress, and birth trauma affecting the mother-baby connection.

The postpartum time is a huge adjustment for the entire family. Getting the care and support you need is very important. Give yourself the time to physically heal from birth and emotionally adjust as a newborn mother. Book your postpartum care visits for as long as you need. Call for a free consultation to see how I can be of service to you and your family.


Private sessions for postpartum care are given in your home. Contact me here about scheduling your free consultation and in-home care sessions.

Postpartum Doula Care

  • 3-4 hour sessions: 100 nis per hour
  • Call for customized sessions to meet your needs

Postpartum Distance Coaching

Are you wondering if what you are experiencing and going through is normal? Do you have questions about your baby or how you are feeling after birth? Here are some common questions I get:
postpartum distance coaching

What is going on with my ________ (insert sore body part here)?

Why does my baby do this?

How can I nourish myself properly for postpartum healing?

How can I get my milk supply up?

And so much more…

How can I get more sleep and how can I help my baby sleep?

When can my baby eat solids?

And so much more…

I am pleased to offer postpartum distance coaching sessions to reach YOU where you are, anywhere in Israel.

Distance coaching sessions are perfect if you would like to improve your health and gain clarity on your wellbeing. Sometimes having someone to talk to and feeling seen and understood is the best medicine one can receive.

What you will receive in a postpartum distance coaching session:

  • 1-hour live video or phone coaching session
  • Recording of live session
  • Free 15-minute follow-up consultation
new mom breastfeeding

Postpartum Distance Coaching Topics:

  • Planning for your postpartum healing
  • Healing after birth
  • Newborn care and traditional parenting
  • Healing after miscarriage 
  • C-section support

If you are ready to tap into the healing wisdom that already exists within you, I am here to assist you and hold that space for you.

1 hour session: 175 NIS